12 Days of Christmas: Go Tell it on the Mountain

I love Christmas, I really do! It’s my favorite holiday and my favorite time of year because the air is charged with a different kind of spirit and expectation that something’s coming. Even though I love Christmas and I’ve been listening to Christmas music since way before it was socially acceptable to do so (sorry to anyone who has ridden in my car in the last month), it still seems to sneak up on me, and then pass with more of a fizzle than a bang… so, in expectation of Christmas, and in an effort to get my mind right for the holidays, I am going to do a short devo every day leading up to Christmas built out of some of my favorite Christmas carols. I hope you’ll join me for some or all of these next 12 days of Christmas!

Go Tell it on the Mountain

Remember when you were in elementary school and got report cards? If it was really bad you’d stuff it down a little farther in your backpack and pray extra hard that your parents wouldn’t ask about it. If it was really good you didn’t even bother putting it away. You rode home with it out in your hand so people would ask about it, and it went down on the kitchen counter with grades facing up for the world to see as soon as you walked in to the house. In general we are afraid of bad news. We don’t want to make anyone feel bad, or we don’t want to get in trouble. At the same time we know exactly what to do with good news. Good news deserves to be shared. It’s why Facebook is covered in wedding and baby pictures, when something good happens we want people to know.

Christmas is a season built on “good news of great joy that will be for all the people” (Luke 2:10 ESV). Most of the time though, if we’re honest, we are more excited to share our vacation photos and what gifts we got than the true meaning of Christmas. The real good news of Christmas is that Jesus came to be a savior, and he accomplished that mission. He lived the sinless life that we couldn’t, died the substitutionary death in our place for our sins, and rose again on the third day. Now He is alive and reigning as King, and tells us that if we put our faith in His work on the cross for salvation, we get to spend eternity with Him. If you are a Christian that is good news for you. In fact it’s the best news! So why are we silent?

Have you ever seen a kid who is really excited about something? They can’t keep it to themselves. I’ve also never met a young kid who doesn’t think that their dad is the coolest person who’s ever lived. When that kid’s dad does something awesome, you better stand back. It’s like lightning struck. They can’t tell you fast enough, because kids like to tell you their good news, especially if their dad is involved. God is our father, and when we accepted Christ He adopted us as his children (Ephesians 1). Our father has done the coolest, most exciting, amazing thing in the universe! He sent our big brother Jesus to rescue us from satan, sin, and ourselves. He forgave us when we were sinners turned against him, and he didn’t just take away punishment, but He has promised eternity in His glory. That’s crazy! That’s incredible! We should be running around the room like little kids looking for people to tell!

Every Christian is commanded to be on mission for Christ (Matthew 28). This doesn’t mean that you need to pick up and move to Africa. God has placed you in the exact time and place you are for a purpose (Acts 17:26), to make His name great (Isaiah 43). You have people around you that don’t know the best news that could ever be shared. There are people whose lives could be changed, marriages could be healed, and eternal souls saved from this news! This command to be on mission is not a burden, it’s an opportunity to be part of God’s plan to reconcile and redeem the world (2 Corinthians 5). When we see the good news of Jesus as actually good news, we want to share it. Missions are driven by joy in the gospel. Good news is worth sharing.


Pray: God help me to have a right view of missions. Help me to want to share your good news, and would you bring people into my mind and into my path for e to share that news with. Thank you that I have heard your gospel and believed it, would you help me to take it to others. Amen.


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