God’s Word Gathering Dust

The God Who Speaks God’s people are Bible people. The truthfulness and authority of God’s word is rooted in the fact that it comes from God. The God that created all things has authority over all things, and He has not remained silent. The God of the universe did not leave us to figure stuff […]

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Everyone’s life is directed toward something. Everyone looks for life and purpose somewhere. Some find it in work, by accomplishing their goals and achieving what they believe will make them successful. Some people find it in relationships, in feeling wanted or getting approval from whoever will give it to them. Some look to things, or money, […]

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Out of Control

I haven’t posted in a while. Sorry about that haha! The past four months I have been preparing and fundraising to step into a new season of full time ministry, and it has been crazy. Praise God I’m getting to the other side of it and now able to look back at what God has […]

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Pass It On

A while back there were these Liberty Mutual commercials on TV. I’ve always really liked them because they depict all these small random acts of kindness, and whenever someone else sees the kindness or receives the kindness, they pass it on to someone else. The basic premise is that people who have been shown love will […]

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