Everyone’s life is directed toward something. Everyone looks for life and purpose somewhere. Some find it in work, by accomplishing their goals and achieving what they believe will make them successful. Some people find it in relationships, in feeling wanted or getting approval from whoever will give it to them. Some look to things, or money, […]

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Pass It On

A while back there were these Liberty Mutual commercials on TV. I’ve always really liked them because they depict all these small random acts of kindness, and whenever someone else sees the kindness or receives the kindness, they pass it on to someone else. The basic premise is that people who have been shown love will […]

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Worthy of the Gospel

Every middle schooler knows you can’t trust everyone to be the same person in every situation. We feel pressure to be a certain way around certain people, to act in line with what will get us approval, or support, or money. We put on the stern, angry face at work to get our coworkers in line, […]

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For Your Sake

Earlier this week I was out getting a bite to eat between classes and meetings, and I saw a woman with her son. I like to people watch when I’m out by myself. The son was obviously in a bad mood, stamping his feet just a little, huffing and puffing like he was a wolf […]

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Far Better

Who is Jesus to you? This is one of the most important, if not the most important, questions we can answer. For 2000 years people have been arguing and answering this question in a variety of ways. For some people Jesus is a good teacher, offering platitudes for kind and generous living. For some people […]

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