Courage Over Fear

I have had many a heavy-hearted drive home in recent years. Many times when I have cried out to God for deliverance. Many times where I have looked at the situations in my life and just said, “God how can this be where we’re at? This story doesn’t feel done yet. Please don’t let this […]

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Faithfully Dealing With Competition

We like competing, but we don’t like competition… When we have the opportunity to compete, and we feel the adrenaline rush of fighting to win, it’s great, it’s exciting. When we are being competed against, often uninvited, when we feel threatened by the newer, the younger, the more talented, the more compelling, the better equipped, and […]

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Seeing the Story

Life is hard sometimes. (Typing that felt like the understatement of the year and we’re not even a month in haha.) Life can be hard, suffering comes, anxiety rises. The deadlines approach, the family member gets sick, the friendship is on the wire. Suffering and hardship are part of the human experience. One of the […]

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Christian Life and Growth

The Christian life is frustrating sometimes. I want nothing more than to be like Christ and live a life pleasing to God, but so often I find myself caught up in the ways and cares of the world. I remember hearing John Piper in a podcast one time say that the thing that frustrates him […]

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Gospel-Shaped Gratitude

This week I have found myself the recipient of a lot of help. My boss is out for the month on a much-needed vacation, and so much of the responsibility for keeping things in our ministry running falls to me in his absence. With him gone, I have seen my coworkers and those doing jobs […]

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Asking and Active

I’m in one of those places in life where I’m asking what’s next. I am looking around at the circumstances in my life and just saying, “Ok God, what are you doing here? And what do you want me to do here?” Part of it is seeing that there’s a whole lot of stuff happening […]

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Take Me To The Mountains

A few weeks ago my family spent some time in Colorado to celebrate Christmas and have a change of pace for the holidays. I love to travel, I love to experience new places and see new things. Going to the mountains is something I looked forward to for months. I live in Austin, Texas. Central Texas is […]

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