This is a collection of mostly parent and student ministry related resources – as well as some more general resources – I have found useful in ministry. I wanted to get them all in one place, hope you find them helpful (even though they aren’t organized in any way).

  1. Choosing a College? Beware a Short-Sighted View || This is a helpful article highlighting things to look for as parents and students are looking at and choosing a college.
  2. Do Not Be Wise in Your Own Eyes || This is a thoughtful post on pride, growth, and learning in parenting.
  3. What Youth Ministry is Really About || This is a hour long talk on gospel-centered youth ministry and what it means to call teenagers to more than just a free pass to heaven.
  4. How Do I Show Kindness To My Children And Expect Them To Obey? || This is a helpful episode of the Ask Pastor John podcast, and a transcript of the audio, discussing what it looks like to raise gospel-shaped kids while balancing authority and love as a parent.
  5. What Do I Think Is At Stake? || This is an interesting piece on the way that essential beliefs about ourselves affect the way we interact with our families.
  6. Do Justice || This is an article discussing what it looks like to help our kids to understand what it looks like to live out gospel justice as Christians.
  7. School Choice: Deciding What’s Best For Your Family || This is a helpful post offering some thoughts to help parents think through the issue of choosing what school and type of schooling is best for your student. It does not argue for or against any options, but offers some helpful reminders and encouragements to center those dealing with this kind of decision.
  8. Whose Dreams Are They Anyway? || This is a thoughtful post discussing the tensions and temptations that come with dreaming about a child’s future and the realities of their competing dreams and God’s plans.
  9. 5 Leaders Every Youth Ministry Needs || This is an article written by a youth minister highlighting the ways that adults in different life stages can contribute and make a significant impact in the lives of young people and a student ministry.
  10. Moving Away From The Kid Table || This is the same article included in the intro discussing the impact of adult relationships in kids’ lives, definitely worth a read.
  11. Hard Truths For Modern Parents || This is a really interesting article talking about some of the modern cultural views and assumptions about the role of a parent, and the Bible’s response.
  12. The Blessing Your Child Needs || This is a really thoughtful post about verbally blessing and speaking identity over our kids as beloved children.
  13. Does Jesus Really Want Me To Hate My Family || This is a really good post highlighting the way the gospel brings us to prioritize God over everything.
  14. Are Kids’ Sports Our New God? || This is an insightful post from a parent discussing how sports and extracurriculars can become idols in the life of a family.
  15. Why We Do Devotions With Our Teens || This is a great post from Rooted Ministry on the value of developing a regular routine of Bible reading with your teenager.
  16. Scripture Fuels the Christian Parent || This is an insightful post from Rooted Ministry reminding us how God’s word sustains us as parents.
  17. The Best Way to Find God’s Will for your Gifts || This is a really good post from Desiring God on how God’s unique design for us influences how He uses us in life and the church. For high schoolers especially, dealing with the question of calling and the future can bring anxiety and questions. This article is a helpful framework for thinking about talking to teen on this topic.
  18. Good News for Modern Parents || This is a great post from The Gospel Coalition offering encouragement for those who are exhausted by the moving goal posts of modern parenting.
  19. When Is My Child Mature Enough To Leave Home? || This is a helpful post from Desiring God talking about recognizing true Biblical maturity in our kids rather than looking to the world’s idea of maturity.
  20. Divine Words for Desperate Parents || This is a really good post from The Gospel Coalition guiding praying parents in the Psalms asking God to do what we as parents cannot.
  21. Jack Pearson and the Good Father || If you are a This is Us fan, this is a great post from Rooted ministry about how we see gospel truth in the character of Jack in the show, don’t worry no spoilers.
  22. Help, I’m Exhausted by Social Media || This is a helpful post from The Gospel Coalition talking about the burden of social media and how the gospel meets us in that.
  23. 10 Questions on Dating with Matt Chandler || Dating is a confusing yet common topic in youth ministry, this is a helpful article aimed at young adults, but that is still helpful as we think through guiding our teenagers through this complex topic in a godly way.
  24. To My Kids: I Wish Your Lives Were Better || This is a great post from The Gospel Coalition about feeling guilt in parenting and the hoe in the gospel.
  25. 3 Ways to Pass on Faith to the Next Generation || This is a cool post from Tim Keller with some great thoughts on the things that pass on faith to the next generation.
  26. Don’t Hurry the Hurt || This was a good article from Rooted Parent on learning from seasons of suffering.
  27. Hope for Waiting Hearts || This is a great post from The Gospel Coalition about finding hope in waiting, not necessarily in the things we’re waiting for, but in the One who is faithful.
  28. Who Will My Children See Me Worship on Superbowl Sunday || This post from Rooted ministry has some really interesting thoughts on what our kids learn from our interactions with both church and sports, definitely worth the read.
  29. How to Respond to Your Child When You Find Out the Unexpected || This was a good post from Parent Cue on responding to our kids when they come to us with something difficult or unexpected.
  30. Matt Chandler on Parenting Teenagers || This is a great, short video clip of Matt Chandler about the power of a parent’s influence over their teenager’s priorities and walk with God.
  31. Excuse or Forgive? Teaching Our Kids to Cope with Offenses || This is a good post from Rooted Parent ministry on helping our teenagers respond in gospel-rooted grace and forgiveness when offended.
  32. Common Spiritual Practices of Kids Who Flourish as Adults || This was a great post from The Gospel Coalition looking at what research shows are practices that help kids stay in the faith and remain spiritually healthy long-term.
  33. How Youth Learn Individualism || This was a great article from The Gospel Coalition about how the culture shapes young people to be more individualistic, and how specifically parents can help their kids work against these pressures.
  34. How to Help Your Children Read the Bible || This is a really good post from Desiring God about helping our kids to develop the practice of reading the Bible.
  35. Waiting for God to Text Back || This was a great post from Desiring God on how God showing us His glory by teaching us to wait in the midst of a culture of immediacy.
  36. Are There Lies in Your Christmas Tree? || This is a great post from Paul Tripp and Desiring God on centering your family’s Christmas on the right story.
  37. Teach Your Children the Virtue of Waiting || This is a really good post from The Gospel Coalition on being a waiting people in an on-demand culture.
  38. Seek Out Strangers This Sunday || This is a really good post from Desiring God talking about welcoming the stranger in our church. This is a really helpful article especially considering the influx of visitors and new people that will likely be visiting our church this holiday season.
  39. My Biggest Mistake as a Mother || This is a really cool post from Desiring God where a mother of adult children reflects on ways she wishes she had trusted God more in parenting.
  40. How to Talk to Your Children About Sex || This is a good video from The Gospel Coalition with Jen Wilkin, Sam Allberry, and Jason Cook in a roundtalble discussion about how to talk to your kids about sex.
  41. Humbling Yourself in Front of Your Kids || This is a really good post from Rooted Parent on the power of letting our kids see our imperfections and responding in humility and grace, especially in a culture of perfectionism.
  42. Porn is Not Harmless. It’s Cruel. || This is a really informative article from the Gospel Coalition on the harms of pornography. In a culture that calls porn “no big deal” or “normal”, this is a good reminder of the dangers that come with this struggle that is so common among young people and our students.
  43. Desperate is Normal || This is a good post from Desiring God about anxiety and letting our neediness bring us to Jesus.
  44. Why Should I Go to Church || This is a really good article from Desiring God on why church involvement is so important for the life of a Christian.
  45. Don’t Waste the Darkness || This is a good post from Desiring God about Halloween as a reminder that there is real evil and darkness in the world, and how Jesus is the answer to the darkness.
  46. Disciplining Teenagers || This is a really good article from Rooted Parent discussing discipline with teenagers.
  47. Should Teens Own Smartphones || This is a good discussion from Desiring God about the issue of phones and technology with teens.
  48. The Best Place to Give Up Grumbling || This is a really good post from Desiring God on how worship leads to gratitude in a culture of grumbling.
  49. Why Youth Stay in Church When They Grow Up || This is a really good older article from The Gospel Coalition giving what the research shows as the key factors in kids staying in the church long term.
  50. 3 Powerful Questions to Unlock the Heart of Your Teen || This is a cool article from Rooted Ministry giving some important questions for connecting with our kids at a personal, heart-level.
  51. Do You Look Like Your Father? || This is a really good post from Desiring God on how being children of God shapes us to the family of God.
  52. Shatter Your Kid-Centered Kingdom || This is a really good article from The Gospel Coalition talking about the pressures of parenting in today’s busy world, and the freedom of parenting toward God’s kingdom rather than the world’s.
  53. How Should a Parent Respond to Public Humiliation? || This is a cool article from TGC discussing how to walk as gospel-centered parents when the consequences of our kids actions are public and embarrassing to us.
  54. Jesus for the Weary Mother || This is a really good post from Rooted Parent about how Jesus meets us in the business of parenting.
  55. Parenting Teens Summit || This is a really cool resource that was recently brought to our attention. They release 4 talks a day, mostly interviews with youth leaders and great thinkers/writers/culture people about discipling teens.
  56. How to Handle Tough Questions Without Fear || This is a great interview (about 30 min) with Pastor Daniel Fusco from Parenting Teens Summit discussing answering teens’ hard questions and speaking with Biblical truth into situations that the Bible doesn’t speak to directly like social media.
  57. Mothering in a World of Better Moms || This is a really good post from Desiring God talking about mothering in a culture of comparison.
  58. The Glory of a Father || This is a great post from Desiring God on how God’s fatherhood guides us and gives us grace in fathering.
  59. Equipping Our Children to Think About Race || This is a really helpful article from Rooted about how our faith in Christ informs our understanding of race and racism.
  60. Hope Within the Hurricane || This is a really helpful post from Rooted Parent ministry on how to talk to our kids during times of natural disaster like the recent hurricanes.
  61. Christ is Calling Our Kids to His Adventure || This is a great article from Rooted Parent Ministry on helping our kids see that life is not about choosing who we want to be, but following who God calls us to be.
  62. The Most Dangerous Place to Raise a Child || This is a really interesting article from Desiring God on how a culture built around greed affects our kids, and pointing them to the true treasure, Jesus.
  63. When Kids Won’t Bow to Your Idols || I personally found this post really convicting, it is a great post from The Gospel Coalition discussing how the idols in our lives influence our interactions with our kids. It is written slightly with an eye towards those with younger kids, but the principles honestly cross into all relationships.
  64. A New Set of Priorities for Our Kids || This is a great post from The Gospel Coalition written by a counselor to high school seniors on helping our teenagers find priorities that will help them thrive rather than crumple under stress.
  65. To Him Who is Able || This is a really good post from Rooted Parent on looking to Jesus as parenting teenagers brings to light our inabilities and insecurities.
  66. Lift the Heavy Burden of Shame || This is a really impactful article from Desiring God on walking alongside parents of prodigal children in grace and love rather than judgement and shame.
  67. 3 Reasons to Restrict Your Child’s Technology Access || This is a great older article from Rooted Ministry discussing some of the dangers of unrestricted smartphone and internet access as well as resources for walking with our kids in this tricky area.
  68. 9 Promises of God Every Parent Should Cling to and Pray || This is a really good article from Mark Altrogge at The Blazing Center on praying the promises of God for your children.
  69. Dear College Freshman: 5 Ways to Stay Strong in the Lord || As many of our families send out their older kids into the college world, this is a great article from TGC to share with your child or any student you know stepping into college.
  70. 4 Phrases for Grace Centered Parenting || This is a great article from Rooted Ministry offering four encouraging gospel truths to cling to in parenting.
  71. 4 Reasons to Teach Church History to Teens || This is an interesting post from TGC on the value of church history in the lives of believers, and especially for teenagers.
  72. Why We Don’t Have to Fear Sending a Child Off to College || This is a really good post from Rooted Parent discussing the transition of sending a child off into college.
  73. Parenting is Like Jazz || This is a great article from The Gospel Coalition on parenting and trusting God when life and kids isn’t always straightforward.
  74. When Kids Ask Hard Questions || This is a short post from TGC encouraging parents to be prepared to point their children toward truth when the hard questions come.
  75. Hope When Your Children Stray || This is a really good article from The Gospel Coalition offering 5 encouragements to parents who find themselves pursuing a rebellious child.
  76. 4 Ways to Resist Casual Faith || This is one in a series of good posts from Rooted Ministries looking at the book of Ecclesiastes specifically thinking about teenagers in a post-modern world. I recommend checking any and all of them out.
  77. Expect More from Young Men || This is a really interesting post from Desiring God about the culture of idleness that is increasingly associated with young men. The discussion is a bit more centered on guys who are out of highschool, but I think its arguments for setting expectations crosses age groups.
  78. Make Your Summer Break About God || This is a great post from Desiring God encouraging us to seek to know and glorify God in everything we do this summer, even if our schedules take us out of our normal life and church rhythms.
  79. My Identity is not in Facebook and Neither is My Child’s || This was an encouraging post from Rooted Ministries on not letting social media define our sense of accomplishment and worth.
  80. Prisoners of Self || This is a really interesting post from Desiring God and author Tony Reinke on how technology  and specifically smart phones breed self-interest, restlessness, and how we are intended to be rooted in Christ. It is a long one, but he has some really intriguing thoughts worth reading.
  81. The Power of a Pleading Mother || This is the most recent one in a series of posts from author Tim Challies telling the stories of the godly women who raised some of the most influential leaders in church history. This post was about the mother of Charles Spurgeon and her example to him as a prayer warrior. This is a really cool series and I recommend checking it out.
  82. Terrorist Attack in Manchester and Talking to Our Youth || The world can be a scary place, and it seems like every day brings more news that leaves not only our kids, but us, asking what is going on out there? This is a great article from Rooted Parent on how to walk with our teenagers through hard news issues authentically while still pointing to gospel truth.
  83. Parenting is Gospel Ministry || This is a workshop from a recent Gospel Coalition conference from Paul Tripp about parenting from a place of gospel truth. It is about an hour long, but it is so good. Also available on the TGC podcast.
  84. Turn my Eyes from Worthless Things || This was a great post from Desiring God on the distractions of technology that are so prevalent for our students and the place of God in the midst of that. We also recommend Tony Reinke’s new  book “12 Ways Your Phone Is Changing You”
  85. When Losing is Winning: Talking to Your Teen About Losing Their Life for Christ || The title of this article is a bit misleading, but it’s definitely worth the read. This is a great post from Rooted Ministries on “losing your life for Christ” and giving up the things we think we want for the sake of following Jesus.
  86. The Heart of Middle-School Meanness || This is a post from The Gospel Coalition about bullying, both in middle school and in general, and how to help our kids think about this difficult issue.
  87. Preparing Teens for Homesickness in College || Especially for those with graduates, this was a great article written by a Christian counselor on the emotional transition into college and how parents can walk with their kids well through this life change.
  88. 10 Unforgettable Lessons on Fatherhood || This was a great post from Ray Ortlund on fatherhood and the lessons he learned from the life of his father.
  89. Busyness is Not the Problem || This was a post from Desiring God a while back reminding us that rest is found in Jesus. It was a helpful reminder in a busy season.
  90. Andy Crouch on How to Become a Tech-Wise Family || This is a longer (45 min) podcast interview, but it’s worth a listen if you’ve got some free time or are sitting in traffic. Technology is a big issue with kids and especially teenagers, and Andy Crouch discusses some of the ways we can build good habits in a tech-saturated world.
  91. Three Things Every Parent Needs to Know || This was a great little article from Rooted Parent on three realities of parenting at any stage and the ways that God joins us in those realities.
  92. Prepare Your Children for Missions || This was a really interesting article from the International Missions Board on the tension for parents when children step into risky mission fields.
  93. Preparing Graduating Seniors to Become College Freshmen || As several of our students prepare to transition from high school into college, here is a collection of advice that several youth and family pastors send their students with.
  94. The Gospel’s Response to Final Exams || This was a great article from Rooted Parent on walking with our kids through grades and exam season.
  95. Video Games and the Wisdom Literature || This was a really interesting article discussing issues of video games and escapism in terms of the Biblical wisdom literature.
  96. 13 Reason Why || Discussion about this show and it’s dangers and impacts on the culture and young people are all over the place. This article from The Gospel Coalition comments on some of the issues of the show from a Christian worldview.
  97. Book Review: The Disciple Making Parent || We believe that you parents will have a far greater impact on your kids than anyone else and so discipleship should start in the home. This book review looks at The Disciple Making Parent by Chap Bettis and shares some helpful principles from that book.
  98. Instagram Generation: 4 Ways Smartphone Cameras are Changing Us || This is a post from DesiringGod about social media and how it is changing us. It is a longer article, but i think it’s worth the read.
  99. Christian Men and Their Godly Mom’s || This is a article (and series of articles) from author Tim Challies highlighting the value of mothers who point their children toward Christ, and sharing stories from church history of the mothers of influential figures and the impact they had on their faith.
  100. 4 Things Jesus Didn’t Die For || Reflecting on Easter this past Sunday, it is important to have a vision of what this means for us going forward. Understanding the fuller meaning of Jesus’ death is vital, and as we walk with students these 4 issues come up often in grasping what the gospel means for us.
  101. When God Pries My Fingers Off My Children || This is a post from a mom discussing the sanctification that happens during the parenting process, and learning to trust God in parenting.
  102. Pursuing Peace in the Digital Age || This is a article from Rooted Ministries about fighting for peace in a culture drenched in anxiety and driven by technology.
  103. Tim Keller on Why You Should Catechize Your Children || This is a short video from TGC explaining the value of using a catechism to help our kids learn truth and stand against secular culture.
  104. Lay Aside the Weight of Passivity || This is a good article from DesiringGod encouraging believers to take an active stance in their faith. This is something that I am constantly pointing students toward, and that I was encouraged to be reminded of as well.
  105. 7 Gospel Promises to Embrace Today || This is a great article from Paul Tripp highlighting some of the gospel promises that we presently live under and want to keep in front of ourselves and our families every day.
  106. Love the Single Chapter of Your Life || This is a short video and article from DesiringGod and Ben Stuart helping Christians to think about singleness. I know in my conversations with High Schoolers, dating and singleness is a big, looming topic that isn’t always approached biblically. Hopefully this clip or the notes with it can help provide a useful framework for thinking about this topic and talking about it with your students.
  107. 3 Reasons to Restrict You Child’s Smartphone and Internet Access || This is a great article from Rooted about the importance and value of creating boundaries with technology in a gospel centered home.
  108. Is Your Child a Christian? || This is a good, short article from The Gospel Coalition talking about five questions to consider when evaluating the spiritual condition of a child.
  109. Parents, Disciple Your Teens || This was a short video and article from Crossway on the importance of parental discipleship in a teenager’s life.
  110. Are You Wearing Fig Leaves? || Disregard the odd title, this was actually a cool little article about helping our kids to see the effects of the fall in our lives, especially when it comes to hiding ourselves from God and others.
  111. Teach Teens Discernment || This was a cool, very practical article from The Gospel Coalition  on how to help our kids think through having Godly discernment in every day decisions and thinking.
  112. How to Help Your Teenager Choose Friends || This is a great little article from The Gospel Coalition on how to help your teen think through investing time in good and godly friendships.
  113. When it Looks Like Your Child’s Life is Falling Apart || This was an encouraging perspective from Rooted Ministries about trusting the sovereignty of God when things look tough in parenting.
  114. 3 Parenting Myths We Are All Tempted to Believe || This is a great article from Tim Challies reflecting on some of the lies that he has been tempted to believe as a parent of teens, and the truths that combats them.
  115. A Little Respect When You Come Home || This is a good post from Rooted Ministries talking about mutual love and respect in our relationships with our kids.
  116. How to Raise Changing Children in a Changing Culture || This is an interview with Paul Tripp on parenting teens. He talks about topics from pursuing relationship with a teenage son or daughter, to navigating busy schedules, and dealing with discouragement in parenting.
  117. Does Perfect Parenting Lead to Perfect Children || This is a great post from Rooted Ministries discussing the pressure of perfection in parenting and the grace of the gospel.
  118. How Not to Help a Sufferer || This post isn’t specifically related to parenting or teenagers, but it is a great portrait of what it looks like to be present for people going through hard times.
  119. Good Parents Connect, Not Just Correct || This is a good little article I came across from DesiringGod about not guiding kids reactively, but disciplining with gospel intentions.
  120. 10 Questions on Dating with Matt Chandler || This conversation with Matt Chandler is not specifically targeted at teenagers, but it does offer some very helpful questions to frame what it means to be a Christian in the dating world.
  121. 3 Responses to Teenagers About Singleness || This is a short post from a former youth minister about what she tells students when facing the question of singleness and identity.
  122. How Should Teenagers Handle Relationships with the Opposite Sex|| This is a brief 3-minute podcast episode from John Piper recorded a few years ago on the topic of teen dating relationships.
  123. How To Raise Radical Children || Don’t be thrown off by the word “radical.” This article from The Gospel Coalition is about small practical routines for helping your children to be rooted in the faith as the grown up.
  124. Yes, It’s True – God Really Does Love Your Child More Than You || This is an excellent, short article from Rooted Ministries discussing scripturally why we can trust God’s plans for our kids.